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the astronomical national debt and the deficits, but when i heard you commenting on it, i remembered former treasury secretary paul o'neill saying in his book that you had told him reagan proved that deficits don't matter. can you square the two, the concerns about deficits now versus during the bush/cheney administration? >> sure. well, at the time that was referred to in the o'neill book was back in the beginning of the bush administration. at the time we had surpluses. and the issue was whether or not we could both build up military force at the same time that we were concerned about deficit spending, and my point was that ronald reagan had done exactly that, that he had run a deficit in order to build up our military capability back in the early '80s, and it proved a remarkable decision on his part. >> and to cut taxes. >> and cut taxes at the same time. so i'm not opposed under certain circumstances to running deficits. the debt is another problem and we've gotten to the point now where especially because of entitlement programs but because there really hasn't been much done in the way
it added hundreds of billions of dollars to the deficit. it wasn't paid for unlike the affordable care act which will actually help lower the deficit. but once it was the law, everybody pitched in to try to make it work. democrats weren't about to p punish millions of seniors just to try to make a point or settle a score. so democrats worked with republicans to make it work and i'm proud of democrats for having done that. it was the right thing to do. because now about 90% of seniors like what they have. they've gotten a better deal. both parties working together to get the job done. that's what we need in washington right now. that's what we need in washington right now. if republicans in congress were as eager to help americans get coverage as some republican governors have shown themselves to be, we'd make a lot of progress. i'm not asking them to agree with me on everything. but if they would work with us like mitt romney did working with democrats in massachusetts, or like ted kennedy often did with republicans in congress, including on the prescription drug bill, we'd be a lot furthe
this. one thing you said earlier today that really struck us here is that you said there was a deficit of good will among u.s. allies. and that's part of the reason why they are so so frustrated and angry right now. why is there a deficit of good will among our allies? >> well, it's interesting you just played that clip of former vice president cheney. let's go back to the cheney/bush years which april pex was all the angst and anger over the unite at the iraq war. when president obama came into office, part of what he said to europeans even before he was elected, i was will in berlin when he spoke to the german public and they came out in hundreds of thousands to listen to the president or the candidate obama say that you know, we must rebuild trust between ours. we must must do all these things. he was hailed as precisely the, quote unquote, anti-bush hero particularly when he was elected and his popularity was sky high. you remember that the nobel prize was given to him in part reflecting that very persona that he was projecting, this new trust, this change in america's relationship
and was enormously expensive and caused the deep deficit climb we had from the bush administration into the obama administration? but look where it is today. the affordable care act has reformed it and made it work. it was enormously expensive. it didn't work but we've made it work. on this issue of the deficit, mixing apples and oranges we have a $4 trillion economy. and the united states is not broke.of course, we need to deal with this. the act is paid for. the republicans during the shutdown wanted to undermine the pay for by dismantling the medical device issue because they don't want to ethis legislation pass. they want to see it fail, not pass, you can seed. there are millions of americans that will get health care. the president did not misrepresent. you will keep your health insurance. and you'll have the ability to get a more refined, a more updated, a more current and more expansive for you and your family. i'm here to save lives, not here to frighten people. i know the stories and i know that women, children families -- >> sheila jackson lee, he gave congress woman jackson lee, i'm go
, as you know, and speakers have tried to deal with for many years, is driving state budget deficits, and has for the last two decades. governors are increasingly being squeezed in that regard. >> is your solution to let people go without medical assist assistance? >> of course not. >> you're saying if you were governor -- >> i would say -- i can't answer that. i honestly can't answer that, because i'm not -- i don't know the fiscal situation of the state obviously as well as when we were in. but there's lots of things to do. i have to tell you -- >> i'm frustrated. let me just tell you, i think we have a lot of people watches this show, and they say, you know what? you have republican governors, with people who are working hard who will get screwed unnecessarily. and it's not -- hold on a second. it's not just the high-minded fiscal -- this is political points scoring in a lot of these states? >> it's washington micromanaging, which is the problem with this entire bill, and it's -- >> you know, governor, when you and i were governor, you remember pressure capes out with the prescrip
american president. so they won't change their vote. they are still coming out. the other was a deficit of working class white males in the upper midwest, the places hit but the auto bailout. i don't think it makes a difference christie is on the bailout. i think they are both great reporters -- >> the game change was not really contested. they obviously got good sources. >> which reminds me of another reason i don't think they were considering hillary clinton. among the things bill clinton said about obama when hilary was running against them was teddy kennedy, about barack obama a few years ago this guy would have been getting us coffee. >> really? >> yeah, it's in my book. >> does that mean it's true? >> it's in their book, it's from "game change". >> let me talk about obama and clinton, they don't like each other and today they learned to live with each other and benefit from each other in the sense that bill clinton having the current president on his arm is good for business and on barack obama obama obama's side it's good for business. >> it i don't think it's a friendly as a rel
for her cant december as apoiopposed to sena mike enzi, and also deficits. he's been critical of the obama administration when it comes to deficits and the national debt. but i pointed out that deficits and the national debt went up when bush and cheney were in office, and a lot people say the national debt is the size it is today because of many items from the bush/cheney years such as the bush/cheney tax cuts, the medicare prescription drug benefit and iraq and afghanistan. those wars not being quote/unquote paid for. i did ask him about that as well. >> we'll look for the interview, jake tapper thank you very much. the interview with former vice president at the top of the hour on "the lead." coming up next here, a major announcement from penn state university today. the school has agreed to sett settlements with vict26 victims the former assistant football coach, jerry sandusky. how much the school will be paying. >> plus, dangerous pirates, crews on secret tankers, and britney spears? you heard me right. you will not believe how all three are indeed connected. so you can feel free to
deficit remains and that deficit is likely to have consequences, including on a major trade agreement the two sides are discussing right now. kate and chris, you have a german delegation visiting the white house. the issue that seems to spark the most anger for the european side is not just that spying take place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real one is brewing and could cause problems across the midwest and impact your halloween. let's bring in indra petersons who's tracking the storm for us. what do we know? have you stopped the storm. >> it almost looks like a big bullseye on the weather map. it tracks its way across. it's going to impact a huge chunk of t
ask him how many times he think he's cheated death. we talked about the deficit, his daughter's senate campaign in wyoming, and much, much more. >> he's pretty blunt. still very blunt nowadays. he hasn't changed on that front as well. >> no, and buried in his refusal to talk about the nsa spying program, he was very clear that he's not going to acknowledge anyone, but buried in the answer, you heard him say you never know what you're going to need when you need it and it's enormously important to the u.s. to conduct foreign policy matters. that's your answer. >> that heart transplant really seems to have worked. he looks pretty good. >> and his doctor told me that he was hours away from death. hours, literally hours away. >> when he had the transplant? >> now, in 2010 when he had this major procedure. and he had this very odd moment where he woke up after being sedated and his family had been terrified. he had been dreaming he was in northern italy. he goes into detail on that in the book and in the interview. >> amazing medical story in it book. we'll be watching. >> well written, als
've cut our deficits by more than half since i took office. and they keep going down. we've pursued an all of the above energy strategy and we are producing more traditional energy, more renewable energy than ever before, more natural gas than anyone in the world. and we have cut our carbon pollution in the process. so while the case for doing business in america's always been strong, we've made it stronger. of course, you will find no better workers than american workers. our productivity is rising. we have the world's best universities. it's most innovative entrepreneurs. we have its strong effort intellectual property protections to go along with a rule of law that matches up with anyone. and thanks in part to a new initiative focused on exports and the new trade agreements that i've signed, we sell more products made in america to the rest of the world than ever before. so as you've heard, repeatedly today, and you will hear undoubtedly after i leave the stage, america is open for business. and businesses have responded. you know, after a decade in which many jobs left the united state
. they said that it would explode the deficit and yet all the reputable organizations like the congressional budget office have told us that it's going to save us $100 billion over ten years. so we've had a litany of objections from the republicans about the affordable care act which has driven them to such a frenzy, they even closed the go. . so now we have you before the committee. and you're being asked he i suppose later you'll be asked about the website. but let me pursue this question about individuals have gotten notices that they will have their individual insurance policies canceled. they will be able to get another plan, won't they? >> actually it's the law that they must. tip us coverage is part continuous coverage is part of the law. and that wasn't the case in the past. fr . >> so it said we'll end the worst abuses of insurance companies, we'll create consumer protections in the marketplace. they will be able to buy a policy even if they have been sick in the past, that women won't be charged more than men, that we're not going to let insurance companies deny coverage because of
. they don't want you to mention george w. bush. he gave us record deficits and have taken a while to dig out and people understand that obama inherited a bunch of problems. we have been patient with him trying to rebuild sxwr we a. >> we are talking about obama care. this has nothing to do with president bush, this is this president. >> why his numbers have been high despite some of the problems. i agree with you right now. this glitchy rollout has been harmful to him with people who like him and i think the overly broad assurances where he says nobody is going to suffer, we're only going to have winners under obama care. not one single loser. that is an overly broad assurance and it has come back to bite him and he now has problems with people who actually like him who are feeling frustrated. >> it is earlier you brought up the notion of the self-inflicted issues. some something we were watching last night david gergen four-time working in the white house david gergen here made this observation. let's roll it. >> i think they came in thinking that the white house was essentially a political
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12